Spumante Bianco – Extra Dry

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The area is located in North East Italy one of the most beautiful territories in the whole of Italy. Part of a skilful range of wines obtained from white grapes, with maniacal attention to detail in the process of producing its sparkling character, it’s a
fresh, dynamic sparkling wine that represents our vocation as producers of this category.

Spumante Bianco – Extra Dry - zona produzione

Harvest date

bottiglia Spumante Bianco – Extra Dry


Once the best grapes have been picked, the white wine can be produced, transforming sugars into alcohol and carbon dioxide. Yeast activity, also known as fermentation, lasts around 15-20 days at a maximum temperature of 18°C to preserve the most delicate aromas and flavours. The second fermentation, which uses the Italian Method also known as the Martinotti Method, occurs in large pressure chambers called autoclaves. This is how the wine acquires its famous bubbles. Towards the end of the process of producing sparkling wine, which takes at least 30 days, the temperature is reduced in order to end fermentation, leaving a residual sugar content that gives the wine an even, balanced flavour.

Tasting notes

Clear straw yellow. Its perlage is soft but persistent. Sweet fruit and vibrant acidity balance gracefully on the palate. Round, gentle finish with lingering notes of fresh fruit.

Food paring

Adatto ad ogni celebrazione. Perfetto per sfiziosi aperitivi.Excellent with seafood, appetisers and light meals but it is also delicious on its own as an aperitif.

Technical data

Alcohol content: 11 %
Residual sugar: 13 g/l
Total acidity: 5,5%
Pressure: 5 atm

Serving temperature

6 - 8 Celsius (42 - 46 Fahrenheit)

Packing details

Bottle content: 75 cl (750 ml)
Bottles per case: 6 EU (12 USA)
Cases EU pallet: 80
Cases US pallet: 60

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