Pinot grigio DOC Venezia 2021

Grape variety

Pinot grigio 100%


The DOC Venezia “Terroir” starts from the pre-alps, at the foothills of the Dolomite mountain chain, a plain characterised by wide rivers, waters which surge from underground springs of Dolomite origin and various types of terrain. The area involved is the fruit of long period glacier formation and successive alluvial deposits.

The multiple soil types can be divided into two macro-areas separated by a strip of springs: the zone of the upper plain and that of the lower plain.

The upper plain has, on the whole, gravelly soils, well drained, which force the roots of the vines to sink into the deepest strata of the soil. Special and complementary climatic conditions characterise these soils: the temperature swings from daytime warmth to evening and nighttime coolness, together with a constant breeziness, concentrate the aromatic elements of the grapes. These are excellent conditions for the production of fresh, elegant and aromatic white wines with important notes of flowers and fresh fruit.

The lower plain is made of smaller-grained material, principally clay and loams. These soils create not only structured reds with significant notes of red. fruits, but also aromatic white wines, solid and suited for ageing.

Pinot grigio DOC Venezia 2021 - zona produzione

Harvest date

Early September
bottiglia Pinot grigio DOC Venezia 2021


After de-stemming and crushing the grapes a cooled cryo-maceration takes place for about 12 hrs. This favours the extraction of the primary aromas enhancing the varietal’s character. The pressed juice is then separated from the suspended solids. A small portion is fermented in French barrels for a smoother extraction, the rest is fermented in stainless steel tanks. After fermentation the two base a blended and allowed some ageing on lees. A gentle batonnage follows.

Tasting notes

Bright straw yellow with golden hues. This Pinot Grigio has a delicate fruity nose of ripe apple and lychee with some floral hints of jasmine and elderflower and a slight vanilla note. On the palate it’s fresh, savoury with a fine texture leading to a dry, mineral finish.

Food paring

This Pinot Grigio is very versatile suited to pair a variety of menus and occasions. Serving temperature: 8 - 10 Celsius (46 - 50 Fahrenheit)

Technical data

Alcohol content: 12%
Residual sugar: 4 g/l
Total acidity: 5,5%

Serving temperature

8 - 10 Celsius (46 - 50 Fahrenheit)

Packing details

Bottle content: 75 cl (750ml)
Bottles per case: 6 EU (12 USA)
Cases EU pallet: 80
Cases EU pallet: 60

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