The Valdobbiadene Hills

“Where wines become exclusive”

Our wines rise and grow on a land with a strong enological
vocation: Valdobbiadene hills are the productive heart of the Prosecco D.O.C.G. area (designation of controlled and guaranteed origin).

Worldwide success of Prosecco sparkling wine descends from two relevant factors: the historical commitment to agriculture and wine making by people living here and the territory
features, from soil composition and morphology to the pleasent microclimate, characterizing these hills and making possible the realization of excellent and exclusive wines.

The bond between wine and territory, nature and culture has been running on Valdobbiadene streets for a long time and in 2016 this district has been declared “The Capital the European Enological Culture”, once again confirming its “divine” talent.


For decades we have been working with our vineyards with passion and wisdom.

With the passing of the years technology has changed, the means have changed, but man’s work has remained almost the same, from our ancestors to us, with the same dedication and passion all over the years

Without these fundamental elements, combined with new technologies, we would not be able to work rocky and steep terrain, where human interventions are strictly hand-made with so much effort.




These the keys to obtain quality and quality grapes, also ensuring the protection of the environment.

From the grapes produced in our hills borns a wine with a delicate light straw color, a medium body, a characteristic and exclusive fruity and floral scent.




Prosecco Vinorè fully reflects the organoleptic characteristics of a unique and famous worldwide , wisely matching tradition and innovation.